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Great working with you as well Scott. Your whole team Andy, Joe all those guys are great to work with.

Hopefully we can do another one soon.

Jeff Walseman - Purcell Construction
Brighton Apartment Building - Watertown, NY

Crawford & Stearns is pleased to serve as a reference for Lupini Construction, Inc. of Utica, New York. Over a period of more than twenty years they have provided a wide variety of specialty masonry services for many of our firm's historic restoration projects and their work has consistently been of the best quality.

In the course of these projects the company's principals and their crews have diligently maintained close contact with the project architect and have actively assisted with the evaluation of conditions, identification of viable treatments, and the selection of materials to match original conditions properly. The company also provides comprehensive in-house education programs for their workers ranging from safety procedures to proper execution to the careful evaluation of new products.

Of particular importance is that our clients have been consistently pleased with Lupini's consideration of owner needs and with the professionalism exhibited by their workers.

We are always pleased to have Lupini on our projects and the reader is invited to contact me directly if they wish to discuss the firm's qualifications and performance in greater detail.

Randall T. Crawford, AIA

Randall T. Crawford, AIA - Crawford & Stearns Architects

It is with great pleasure and without reservation to take this opportunity to recommend Lupini Construction to any potential client. The Lupini name has been synonymous with quality masonry repair and restoration since 1980. By way of background, this writer is the chair of the property committee of Trinity Episcopal Church, Geneva, New York. Through my many years as the chair, I have worked with many masons. In concert with Bero Architecture, we put out a bid to repair our sanctuary exterior walls. Lupini Construction was awarded the contract for $488,000.00.

Scott Lupini and his team of Don Reichert, Field Supervisor and Jim North, Foreman, exceeded all of my expectations and those of the entire congregation. Their work is flawless, and they can be expected to go above and beyond the scope of work. With our leaks in the walls and roof, Scott and crew went past the contract to repair certain areas to ensure no water intrusion. The handling, removal and replacement of the cast stone parapets were accomplished in such a way that amounted to very little disruption to our church life. Additionally, they took special care to reuse items that were originally contracted to be replaced, saving money so we could address areas we originally could not afford. They are dedicated professionals who have worked very well with the church, the architect as well as with our neighbors, which in many instances can be critical to the success of a project. Overall, Lupini Construction has done a first rate job in the restoration/repair of Trinity Episcopal Church's exterior walls and roof. We, as a congregation, are extremely pleased and we know when we have more masonry challenges in the future Lupini Construction will be the first masonry expert we will call.

Please feel free to contact me at (315) 781-0826 or for further reference at your convenience. As I stated earlier in this letter, it is a pleasure and additionally, an easy task to recommend Lupini Construction for any masonry restoration/repair project. They will always exceed your expectations.

Bruce F. Tuxill, Maj Gen USAF (Retired)
Trinity Episcopal Church, Geneva, NY

On behalf of the Session of the First Presbyterian Church of Plattsburgh, New York I am writing to thank you for the work of Lupini Construction, Inc. on the mortar restoration project of our sanctuary building and for agreeing to take on the additional concrete job related to the Brinkerhoff Street steps when you were repairing the concrete sidewalk broken by the lift used in the mortar project.

You and the men you assigned to work here over the past three summers have left us feeling confident that a quality job was done and will last well into the future. We again greatly appreciate the incalculable extras in areas only accessible by the lift such as the painting of the wood surfaces and working with Herb Cottrell to replace the clock hands as well as a rotted still.

Your personal attention to the project and your accessibility to talk about the work being done and explaining it has been greatly appreciated. While we won't miss have the large lifts cluttering up the grounds, we will miss working with you and Lupini Construction, Inc.

Judy Bunnell, Clerk of Session
First Presbyterian Church, Plattsburgh, NY

Please accept this letter as a heartfelt recommendation of Lupini Construction, Inc. The First Baptist Church of Rome, NY has been working hand in hand with Lupini Construction, Inc. for approximately 5 years. We initially contacted Lupini Construction, Inc. as one of multiple vendors we were considering to work on our historic church building. The building is over 135 years old and, as such, is constantly in need of attention. Lupini Construction, Inc. won the right to do that first job and we've been working with them ever since.

Interestingly, Lupini Construction, Inc.'s bid was not the lowest bid for the job but their attention to detail and corporate history of successfully completing work on buildings such as ours, won us over. Five years and several projects later, we could not be happier with our relationship with Lupini. Not only have they exceeded our expectations as relates to the quality of the work they have done, but they have also completed the projects in a timely fashion and within the cost parameters set forth at the beginning of each project.

Scott Lupini has worked closely with us to point out areas that need to be addressed immediately, even when we may have been looking at another area that would have cost us more to complete. Scott is sensitive to our financial position and realizes that we stand to be his client for the long haul. Thanks to years of experience, Scott knows what structural issues should be attacked first to maintain the overall integrity of the building itself.

I recommend Lupini Construction, Inc. to you without hesitation and with the utmost confidence in their abilities.

Doug Arthur, Facilities Committee
First Baptist Church, Rome, NY

Please accept this letter as a recommendation for Lupini Construction, Inc.. Our office has worked with Scott Lupini and his company on various masonry restoration projects including: Syracuse University Huntington Hall Exterior Masonry Repairs; Syracuse University Place of Remembrance; Teresian House Nursing Home Façade Rehabilitation and, currently, on the First Baptist Church of Rome and Boldt Castle. Lupini Construction has also provided other various services to our company such as assistance with building inspections and selective demolition for investigative purposes.

Lupini Construction has great experience with masonry restoration and I have found their professional qualities beneficial to the projects. In addition, I have found Scott Lupini to be an honest, knowledgeable and cooperative contractor that provides quality work. When working with Scott on a project we value his input and appreciate his attention to detail.

We highly recommend Lupini Construction for masonry restoration work.

Richard Applebaum, PE, SECB, Klepper, Hahn & Hyatt
Syracuse University - Various projects

Lupini Construction has been performing masonry repairs and repointing for the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority at Historic Boldt Castle for over 25 years. I have personally worked with Scott Lupini for over 10 years and I have not worked with a more conscientious contractor in my career at Boldt Castle. We have had great success with Lupini Construction in trouble shooting and solving our water penetration issues in masonry walls and parapets. Lupini Construction is a solid contractor and consistently does quality work.

We are located on an island in the St. Lawrence River and there are many obstacles to overcome. Our Maintenance crew works with Lupini crews to transport materials and staff to the job site. Lupini Construction staff are great to work with and they take pride in their work. Lupini Construction's staff is well trained in safety procedures and we have not had a job site related accident in all of the years that they have worked at Boldt Castle. Lupini Construction's staff is very efficient in the use of their time on the job site and very punctual as well. Lupini Construction is always up to date on modern materials and procedures to make the end product hold up to the elements as long as possible. Scott is always open to looking at a project from a different angle and work with the owner to produce the best quality results on any project.

Boldt Castle is on an island on top of a granite hill with no level areas for heavy lifts and machinery and getting equipment to the location is always challenging. Alternative scaffolding and lifts are always needed and Lupini Construction has the access and knowledge of this equipment for safely reaching the high areas of the structures at Boldt Castle and the other Historical structures on the island. Scott Lupini and his foreman are making regular visits to monitor the job and address issues as they arise. The communication with Scott on a project is always prompt and productive.

I would highly recommend Lupini Construction, Inc. for any masonry projects that one may have. Boldt Castle has had great success using Lupini Construction in solving our masonry problems that other contractors could not.

Brian Salisbury
Boldt Castle, Thousand Islands, Alexandria Bay, NY

Jerry and TJ did an excellent job fur us and I'm very happy with their work. They were both very polite and courteous to our faculty, students and staff and made sure the spaces were left as they found them. I appreciate the attention to detail they paid while doing the work.

Jeff Surine, Facilities Coordinator
College of Human Ecology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Lupini Construction, Inc. was the successful low bidder for contract C2 general construction masonry repair for several schools in the Schenectady City School District. Our firm Morkaut and Associates, Inc. are the construction managers for these projects. The Schenectady City School District was engaged in a large and often difficult O & M project. Lupini Construction, Inc. did the general construction masonry function.
Lupini Construction, Inc. is totally proficient and an exceedingly competent and thorough masonry contracting firm. Their work is complete right to the necessary paperwork and forms needed to perform and complete difficult masonry jobs. Through their diligence we achieved much needed extra work, as well as fair and honest credits for work that was unnecessarily listed in the vast scope of the projects' work. To say we are pleased with Lupini Construction, Inc.'s work would be an understatement. Their work was exceptional.
I wholeheartedly urge you to consider Lupini Construction, Inc. on any future project that could use their skills. If you have any questions as to their scope of work or performance, please do not hesitate to call on me.

Michael Morkaut, Morkaut and Associates, Inc. - Gilboa, NY
Schenectady City School District, Schenectady, NY

It has been a pleasure working with Lupini Construction, Inc. and our staff for the past few years on the St. Mary's Cathedral masonry restoration project. Your personnel are competent, knowledgeable and professional. Their skill and dedication to getting this job done correctly has been very much appreciated.
We are very pleased with the mortar color and texture matches that you were able to achieve. The limestone patches do not look like patches at all. Your ability and effectiveness for overcoming the unique challenges that were encountered throughout the course of the work allowed the project to remain on track and with minimal extra costs. The church is very pleased with the work that has been completed during Phases 1 and 2 of this project. We are looking forward to completing the remaining work scopes with you over the next 5 years.

Daniel M. Tebo, P.E., Principal Engineer, Tisdel Associates, Canton, NY
St. Mary's Cathedral, Ogdensburg, NY

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Lupini Construction, Inc. has performed numerous masonry repairs and restoration work at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino. On each occasion, they have exceeded our expectations. They show up on time and complete the assigned project as scheduled and on budget. Lupini Construction, Inc. has become one of our most trusted vendors and we always know that they will look out for our best interests.

It is very rare that in the construction business you come across a company with such a high degree of integrity and knowledge who is more interested in doing the job right than in making a buck. I strong recommend them to anyone who wants to get the job done correctly and I would welcome a phone call to further elaborate if necessary.

Mike Vaccaro, P.E., Director of Facilities
Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, NY

Lupini Construction, Inc. and Scott Lupini have been known to myself and our firm for many years.

Concerning masonry and building envelope work scope projects, Scott has provided implementation strategy and cost consulting services to our firm on projects ranging from sensitive historic work to contemporary commercial construction renovation.

Projects we have worked on together include:

• USM West Point, Highland Falls, NY
• Cowles Hall, Elmira College, Elmira, NY
• AXA Towers, Syracuse, NY
• Harlem Armory, Harlem, NY
• Weighlock Building, Canal Museum, Syracuse, NY

Lupini Construction, Inc. is especially known in our region for their expertise in masonry restoration. We have come to rely upon them for both consultation and their knowledge to provide correct implementation on many of our projects.

Nicholas C. Lindabury, RA - QPK Design Architecture Engineering Site & Planning, Syracuse, NY
USMA West Point, Cowles Hall, AXA Towers, Harlem Armory, Weighlock Building Canal Museum

Lupini Construction, Inc. has provided services for several of our firm's historic restoration projects over a period of more than ten years, most recently the tower and exterior at Trinity Church in Seneca Falls, NY.

In general their work has included brick, stone, cast stone and metal flashing ranging from simple repointing to complex reconstruction. For Trinity Church they also provided specialty roofing and stained glass restoration services.

The company's principals and their crews maintain close contact with the project architect and actively assist with scoping and project planning. For one project, when suitable brick could not be located, they voluntarily experimented with staining comparable pieces to achieve a properly matched appearance.

Of particular importance, our clients have been consistently pleased with their consideration of owner needs and with the courtesy and professionalism exhibited by their workers.

Based on these positive experiences we have offered to serve as a reference for the company and interested parties are welcome to contact me directly if they have any questions in this regard.

Randall T. Crawford, AIA - Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners - Syracuse, NY
Trinity Church, Seneca Falls, NY

Please accept this letter as my personal recommendation for Lupini Construction, Inc. I have had the opportunity to work with them over the past years as the Property Manager for AXA Towers, Syracuse, NY. I am pleased to indicate that all business has been conducted in a highly professional and satisfactory manner.

Scott Lupini and his staff have always been most cooperative in providing specialized property services. We contracted with them to provide AXA Towers (2 – 20 story high rises) with both exterior window caulking for both towers, as well as extensive masonry work to our Tower II roof parapet. In this highly competitive industry, I have found their professional qualities and their broad range of services to be helpful and beneficial to our efforts and to the functionality and operations of the Towers.

I make no hesitation in recommending them and believe you will find them to be an asset to your organization. If you should need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Christopher P. Nizamis, Property Manager
AXA Towers, Syracuse, NY

This letter is to serve as a reference letter for Lupini Construction, Inc. as it relates to Project No. 43233-C for the NYS Office of General Services. Project No. 43233-C was designed and awarded to provide exterior rehabilitation of the Hampton Plaza facility located in downtown Albany, New York.

The work of this project pertained to the roof elements, façade and windows of an occupied 8-story historic building and included the following:

1. Stone restoration, resetting, pointing and cleaning
2. Brick re-pointing, restoration, reconstruction and chemical stripping of lead paint
3. Concrete repairs
4. Wood window repair and replacement
5. Roof flashing restoration
6. Re-roofing
7. EIFS restoration, repairs, sealant joint replacement, cleaning and resurfacing
8. Hazardous material asbestos and lead abatement in sealants, flashings, roofing and paint

The project, with a duration of 475 calendar days, was awarded on July 24, 2008 with a contract value of $4,247,100. Physical completion of the project was established on December 4, 2009. The delay in 23 days past the specified completion date of November 11, 2009 was due to the addition of $90,226.00 in additional scope of work by Change Order.

Lupini Construction, Inc. performed the work with high quality and excellent cooperation regarding tenants' needs and requests while also meeting the construction schedule. Lupini Construction, Inc. performed Change Order work prior to formal approvals in an effort to progress the work to minimize any disruption to the daily operations of the facility occupants. I would highly recommend Lupini Construction, Inc. for any future work.

Should you have any questions regarding this reference letter, or require additional information, please feel free to contact me at (518) 474-7544.

Mickey Levernois, P.E., Sr. Building Construction Engineer, NYS OGS
Hampton Plaza, Albany, NY

Boldt Castle on Heart Island is the premier attraction of the 1000 Islands region. It is a unique, one of a kind, historic home and granite structure. On the same island of this grand structure are numerous other stone and masonry buildings, one of which is called Alster Tower. This unique building, built prior to 1900, sits on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. The Alster Tower is a structural rarity with no two granite stones in this massive building alike. It was, in its day, finished with the most ornate interior fashion, to please the family of a millionaire. For over 77 years, this structure sat unoccupied as the weather and vandals took its toll. Beginning with the Thousands Islands Bridge Authority's ownership in 1977, we vowed to restore this gem to its original state. Our largest hurdle in this undertaking was to stop the water penetration so we can complete the interior restoration.

Many different applications of mortar and other waterproofing have been attempted over the years, but to no avail. Lupini Construction, Inc. of Utica, NY approached us a number of years ago and offered to test a variety of products and different mortars on this structure in an attempt to find the product that would work the best under northern New York's extreme weather conditions. After analyzing these test areas, the correct combination was found. Lupini Construction, Inc. has started on a program to waterproof this building. As of this writing, all of the elevations that have been completed are water tight. It is our plan to have them complete the entire structure.

We here at the Boldt Facilities expect perfection from our contractors and Lupini Construction, Inc. has shown us just that in the past. Their employees work hand in hand with our staff and also show respect to our daily visitors. Numerous calls to the office are always met with pleasant assistance and customer satisfaction.

Without reservation, we would recommend Lupini Construction, Inc. for any historic masonry project.

Shane Sanford, Director, Boldt Facilities Operations & Maintenance
Boldt Castle - Alster Tower, Alexandria Bay, NY

This letter is to serve as a reference letter for Lupini Construction, Inc. as it relates to the Savage Hall Window Sill Replacement Project. This project was designed and awarded to Lupini Construction, Inc. as the low bidder to provide masonry repairs to the exterior of Savage Hall located at Cornell University.
Savage Hall is a four-story office building with a brick exterior and slate window sills. The scope of work included:

1. Removal and replacement of the slate window sills
2. Localized areas of spot pointing and brick replacement
3. Installation of new expansion joints
4. Removal and replacement of window sealant
5. Localized areas of brick masonry to be infilled

The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget. There were a few Change Orders, which were due to additional repointing and brick replacement not shown on the drawings. Product submittals were matched exactly to the drawings and specifications and existing building materials. Required closeout documents were submitted in a timely manner following the completion of the project.

Lupini Construction's workers were very professional and continuously check in with the facilities manager throughout the project so as not to disrupt the building occupants. Scott Lupini and the site foreman attended the biweekly meetings and periodically checked in with me to make sure I was satisfied with their work.

Lupini Construction, Inc. offered recommendations when field conditions did not match the drawings or specifications. This helped the project engineer in his decisions while also not to slow progress of work. Lupini Construction's workmanship and performance was of great quality. I highly recommend Lupini Construction, Inc. and look forward to working with them on any future projects.

Darrell Reynolds, Project Coordinator
Cornell University Savage Hall, Ithaca, NY

The undersigned had his first personal experience with Lupini Construction's work in the early 1990's, when the company performed waterproofing and brick masonry repairs for a plaza and façade reconstruction/repair project at the Onondaga County Civic Center building complex in Syracuse, NY. Since then I was involved with several other projects for which Lupini Construction, Inc. performed masonry restoration work, some for historic buildings. Among them were A&B Central Barracks at USMA at West Point, NY; Erie Canal Museum Weighlock Building in Syracuse, NY and the renovation of the Cowles Hall at Elmira College in Elmira, NY.

These projects involved significant masonry restoration and repairs, requiring experienced and competent masonry mechanics as well as thoughtful project planning and attentive management of daily construction activities. Lupini Construction. provided all of these. Based on my experience with Lupini Construction's work, I believe that the company has the experience and expertise necessary for successful execution of masonry restoration and repair work.

John Sodja, P..E. Consultant - John P. Stopen Engineering Partnership
USMA Barracks; Erie Canal Museum & Cowles Hall at Elmira College

Before too much more time sails by, I want to write and personally thank you and your team for the work you did in the restoration of the Wall of Remembrance here at Syracuse University. It is truly a hallowed place to all of us involved with Pan Am Flight 103 and it is comforting to know that it will now be in better condition and actually be a lasting memorial to all of the victims.

Thank you too for the unexpected gift of the pieces of the Wall. That was above and beyond and we are very grateful. After seventeen years as Pan Am Flight 103 archivist, this will always be a major event within my life as well. I am so proud to have a piece of the Wall here with me.

Edward L. Galvin, Director Archives and Records Management - Syracuse University
Syracuse University Wall of Remembrance

I have worked with Lupini construction, Inc. on the following restoration projects:

• New York State Capitol, West Gable Repairs, Albany, NY. The project included reconstruction of a monumental gable, including granite repairs and reinstallation, copper flashing and stone attachment hardware. Lupini Construction, Inc. served as General Contractor and self-performed the masonry work. Completed in October 2008; approximate construction cost of $500,000.00

• SUNY Plaza Administration Building, Albany, NY. Project includes cast stone repairs and replacement, reconstruction of a 40 ft. terra-cotta-clad spire and miscellaneous masonry and roofing repairs. Lupini Construction, Inc. served as General Contractor and performed the masonry work. Completed in May, 2011, construction cost of $2,800,000.00.

On both projects, I served as the project manager for Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc. (SGH), developing the original design and overseeing the construction administration for the Owner agencies in charge of these projects (the New York State Office of General Services and the State University Construction Fund, respectively).

The masonry work completed by Lupini Construction, Inc. on these projects is of high quality, as is the work completed by Lupini Construction, Inc. subcontractors. Lupini Construction, Inc. provided all requested submittals and project paperwork without issue and provided fair and reasonable pricing for change order work when requested by SGH or the Owner. On both projects, Lupini Construction, Inc. has also gone above and beyond to maintain an acceptable construction site at a continuously occupied building and to accommodate the needs of the Owner agencies responsible for these projects.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding Lupini Construction, Inc. performance on these projects.

Nicholas T. Floyd, Senior Staff II - Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc. - Waltham, MA
NYS Capitol and SUNY Plaza Administration Building, Albany, NY

Lupini Construction has been performing work for Hamilton College for over 10 years. They are a very knowledgeable organization, one that has been a pleasure to work with. It's their family values and work ethic that truly make them shine above the other firms I work with.
Some of the projects they have successfully completed on campus include:

• Stone Restoration - Hamilton College is nearly 200 years old and the buildings are primarily stone structures. Lupini employees have pointed miles of stone joints for us as well as corresponding cap stones.

• Waterproofing - working closely with Lupini we have developed a protocol of applying a sprayed on waterproofing application to foundations on all new and renovated projects.

• Deck Coating – we recently asked Lupini Construction, Inc. to apply a waterproof membrane over two existing concrete decks that house various departments below. They applied a Sonneborn product and by watching the weather closely and working the crews well into the night, they were able to give us a product we can depend on for many years.

• Caulking and Sealing – some of the buildings built on campus in the 1960's were all concrete. It's these buildings that have required attention to the expansion joints. Lupini Construction, Inc. has addressed these issues by removing the failed product and installing new, making the building look like new.

William Huggins, Facilities Director
Hamilton College Campus, Clinton, NY

I would like to take this opportunity to review the impacts that Lupini Construction, Inc. has had in respect to the quality of life of the Corps of Cadets. Over the years we had pointing contracts to address the water infiltration and to no avail. West Point is a national treasure and because of the deteriorating conditions in 2005, Congress funded a program know as the Barracks Improvement Program and then with some carry on projects that Lupini Construction, Inc. was also awarded. With the care and attention to detail in the pointing and retrofit of thru wall flashing, they have been able to provide the Cadet Barracks with a water tight environment. By eliminating water infiltration and thereby lessening the instances of mold and facility damage has had a positive impact on each Cadet.

I have been working for the US Government for 36 years and I can without question, Lupini Construction, Inc. has been the easiest contractor to work with. Not only do their employees maintain a professional bearing, their employees go out of their way to comply with any and all United States Military Academy restrictions and limitations; they do this without argument.

I would look forward to working with Lupini Construction, Inc. in the future. They have a great group of professional employees and appear to have pride in working at West Point.

Kenneth L. Kerst, United States Military Academy
Cadet Barracks, West Point

On behalf of the Session of the Fist Presbyterian Church of Plattsburgh, New York, I am writing to thank you for the work of Lupini Construction on the mortar restoration project of our sanctuary building. You and the men you assigned to work on the clock tower phase of the project this summer have gone above and beyond – doing quality work, keeping us up-to-date on what was being found as the work progressed, and explaining what procedure and materials were being used to address problematic areas. Then there are also the incalculable extras in the areas only accessible by the lift such as painting of the wood surfaces in the upper part of the clock tower, installing flashing on the back shelf of the clock tower, as well as removing the old clock hands and putting on the new ones made by church member Herb Cottrell.

Your personal attention to the project and your accessibility to talk about the work being done and explain it has been greatly appreciated. The members of the congregation were delighted that you took the time to come to our capital campaign kick off pot luck dinner, share in our fellowship and talk about the work Lupini Construction does and, in particular, the work being done on our building.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and seeing this mortar restoration project to completion in the coming years.

Judy Bunnell
Clerk of Session, First Presbyterian Church - Plattsburgh, NY

Masonry Repair and Restoration